I believe in a world of interconnectedness ~ that our hearts are tied to some incredibly beautiful thread that connects us all.

HeARTstring Connections is a project that aims to use art as a reminder of this.

My hope is that this can be a playful way for people to feel into the different layers in which we are interconnected, no matter our varying, opposing, beliefs.

Instead, may we remember love.


The Idea

Paint a land.

Write an overall intention or *wish* for the painting. 

Map out a heart in a neighborhood. 

Cut the painting into multiple pieces.

Write part of the *wish* and place it with a piece of the painting. 

Place the cut pieces, with the *wish* in various locations and hope they are found.







Have you found a piece of the painting? Yay! 

The piece you found is actually part of a larger "heart puzzle" full of wishes for you and the world.


update: The first heart was released on 9/2/16. Some pieces may be lost to the NYC elements, but if you have a piece, I would love to find out where it went! Snap a picture of your art and tag it with #heartstringconnections



Hearts Found

Tag all found pieces of this painting with #heartstringconnections.


"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
~Viktor E. Frankl

The First Wish:

The Sacred Pause


These days it can be difficult to remember "the sacred pause".

Time moves so quickly, but have you ever noticed that sometimes *time* helps?

In the actual moment of being (insert your emotion here) it is difficult to remember, but I've found that it's true.
As cliche as it is, time can heal.

It doesn't remove or make difficult situations 'less-than', but it can help.


What if we thought of the "sacred pause" or that space between stimulus and response as a friendly "reminder" from time.

In a way, if you can find the pause -- even for a half moment -- it's as if *time* is saying, "Hey, I got your back."



Let this little land be a reminder for you to pause.




A land of spaciousness...


This is a land where all beings are welcome.

It does not matter the color of your skin or hair or eyes,
because in this world it's common knowledge that you are merely a *being* inside a human body.

And as a human, emotions can be confusing and overwhelming and relationships and life can be beautiful and tricky.


Let the tiny creatures and botanicals be reminders for you to ....

Love freely.

Fly like a bird.

Dance it out.

Be playful.

Remember kindness - even on the NYC Subways.

Remember our interconnectedness.

Explore your own *inner world* of peace.

May you find grounding, love, and light.

May you be, just as you are and remember the same for others.

Perhaps in the "space" of our differences, we can somehow find connection.

And above all, Remember Love.


Heart Connector


Hi! I'm Kim!

I believe that we are all walking books, full of beautiful stories and interconnectedness. I love finding beauty in the every day and wanted to create something like a "treasure hunt of kindness". My hope is to make more lands of wishes. 




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" ... I believe in kindness

Also in mischief."

~ Mary Oliver